dimanche 27 mars 2016

Aiguille du Chardonnet 3824m,
"La Vire de Lune" (The Moon Ledge)
850m, 55 degrés, 2 lengths of alpinism ( 80 degrés, M4, 4

sup )

Adventure shared with Kilian Jornet, skis on, through the South West face.
A place that we know well cause we skied, december 25th 2015, a close but completely different route, only the departure is common.
A long and intense journey at the heart of red granit towers wich guard the summit.
« La Vire de Lune », at the center of the face,  is a beautiful aerial passage, clearly magical. A line out of time, punctuated by "lunar" colors and an infinite sea of clouds.
We supported ourselves mutually, because even if in steep skiing you’re doing solo, I felt a truly spirit of a strong team. I was carried by the serene and knowing smile of my mate. We shared our experience to live a unique moment. We savored the last day lights griped to the mountain with our edges.
The complexity returns to the various exposure of the line, to the lengths of mountain climbing and in the search of the route.
The passion carries the man to realize his dreams, to draw as a child his ideas on the mountain.

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