mardi 19 février 2013

English version of Frigor Couloir

Sunday 17 february with Douds Charlet and Seb montaz we hicking up la petite verte to ski down the Chevallier Couloir. After, we hike up the gigord couloir were we found at the end a difficult part of mixte climbing, 50m climb with all the equipement for ski is not too easy...

This narrow couloir is invisible from the vallee but we found the line from a photo when Pierre Tardivel and Stephane Brosse ski down the nant blanc in 2009!!!

Not far from the top of les Grands Montets with a technical access give to this steep descent a really nice ambiance and experience.
400m 45°-50°
Thanks to my friend Seb and Douds for a perfect day skiing in the Mont-Blanc Massif!

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